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Fire Safety and MRS Security

There are a number of fire risks when living in a communal environment. To reduce the risk of fire a few rules must be followed. You should never use cooking equipment in your room (with the exception of studio apartments like in Briggs and Jackomos Halls). Equipment such as sandwich makers, electric frying pans, toasters and microwaves are not allowed to be used in student rooms and must only be used in designated areas such as kitchens. Portable electric heaters such as radiators and fan heaters are also forbidden in student rooms. [br] [br]

Equipment must not be left unattended while cooking in the kitchen. Too often people can become side tracked, allowing the pot on the stove to boil dry. This is yet another fire risk and could easily be avoided. [br] [br]

When using power points it is important not to overload the plug. This can happen if they are piggybacked, and as such double adaptors are prohibited within MRS.  If there are not enough plugs, it is best to use a power board that has a 10 amp automatic trip. This way if there is an overload of power, the power board will be switched off, preventing any fire potential. Whereas a board without an automatic trip can overheat, resulting in the possibility of starting a fire. You must admit, you would feel really bad if your unattended appliances caught fire and not only ruined your property but potentially everyone else’s. [br] [br]

Each campus has its own set of security guards. Security can be contacted at anytime (visit Security homepage), and they are always happy to help. Whether it is a noise complaint, you’re locked out of your room, or any other issue, feel free to give them a call as they will try to help you out.  [br] [br]

  • Berwick 990 47444
  • Caulfield€“ 990 32211
  • Clayton 990 53059
  • Peninsula 990 44318

Always remember while on Monash’s Australian grounds during a campus emergency, dial 333 or 9905 3333 on an internal phone. However if using a mobile dial 000. You can also dial 112 when using a mobile if your service provider does not have a signal. [br] [br]

Each Campus has internal and external security numbers and office locations. Some campuses have an afterhour’s security bus which provides after hours transport to students around campus. For information on these services and security arrangements on your campus please refer to the MRS website. [br] [br]

Monash also has a Safer Community Program – a great place to start if you need to speak with someone (outside of the Residential Support Team) about staying safe, or if you feel threatened, or worried about someone at Monash University, The email address is, or call 9905 1599 (x51599 on an internal phone). [br] [br]

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Monash Security also have a great fact sheet to help you reduce your exposure to burglary – Download the Burglary Fact Sheet. [br] [br]

You can also check out more about safety and security at MRS