Helping you navigate living off-campus in a new city


When you arrive


Ok so you’re here …now what?

You will need time to adjust to a different place. This may cause anxiety. It takes time to get used to the climate, people’s accents and more. Find out more information at Monash’s Life In Melbourne. It is for a person like you …new to Melbourne.


If this is the first time living on your own then there’s some stuff you need to know before you start looking for accommodation.

You really need to know a bit about the renting laws here when you are starting a tenancy, or applying for a share house. You need to have an idea of what to expect.

Starting a tenancy
Applying for your own place
Applying for a share house
• Go to Ask.Monash for an answer

Looking for accommodation

So you are ready to find accommodation and you have typed in accommodation in your search engine and yes, there are hundreds of websites. Where do you start? There are so many websites out there, but beware of scammers. They are real !!!

Try these first :

Have you heard of the Rent Right App – it’s a great tool developed by Consumer Affairs Victoria. Simply download it from your Apps store on your smart phone (yes it’s another app but such a great tool!!)

The RentRight App has information and tools helping you manage your tenancy such as :

  • How much do you need to rent, budget for your move using a moving-in cost calculator
  • Tips on your rights and responsibilities
  • Calculate how much week’s rent is per fortnight, calender month, six monthly and yearly.



 Make sure you stay safe 

It’s important to get to stay safe  and  know how to create a safe environment for yourself. 

It is also important for you to feel supported and become involved. By joining a non-residential college, you’ll have access to a fun and supportive environment enhancing your student experience when you are living off campus.
Non-Residential colleges

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Get to know Your Campus

It’s important to get to know your campus as it helps a lot in settling in. Click onto your campus webpage and get a personal tour …Caulfield, Clayton, Parkville, Peninsula, Berwick, City.