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Monash is a great place and in order thrive, you need to keep on top of a whole lot of things! Maintaining study, a healthy mind and healthy body and not forgetting the main reason you are here: to get your Monash degree or diploma!

Moved in?  … Now it’s time to make the most of your Monash experience.

But if things start to go wrong with your accommodation, don’t wait! Contact Monash Connect as soon as you can. Don’t wait until the last minute as problems can worsen. THAT is the key to managing your accommodation problems; talking to someone at Monash Connect SOON. They will work out who can best assist you and quickly.
Are you concerned about getting your bond back or how much notice you need to give? It may be the end of your tenancy and it hasn’t been smooth?

You have to break your lease early! What do you do?

Check the information for:
Getting your bond back
Breaking your lease.
Notice to vacate

Also, click on to renting tips and advice where you will find information about getting repairs done, giving notice to vacate, breaking your lease, tenant to tenant issues and more…
Don’t wait until the last minute. We are here to assist you.

Healthy Lifestyle

Apart from feeling settled in your accommodation, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. There is great information at Healthy Lifestyle.

Healthy Mind

Moving to Monash can be a big deal – it can be an emotional rollercoaster. There are some great resources online that Monash has to help you keep a healthy frame of mind – Also check out the Monash Counselling and coping skills resource.  

Sexuality and Gender Diversity

Starting university is a very exciting and at times daunting part of your life. The Monash Student Association (MSA) Queer Department is a student-run organisation that represents and provides support to all Monash University students and staff who may identify as queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex, genderqueer or any of the many other identities, also including those who are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Further information on Sexuality and Gender Diversity, or the Sexuality and Lifestyle Officers at Caulfield.
Some MRS staff are also proud members of the Monash Ally Program (a support network for LGBTI members of our community) – you can check out the Ally program here.

A former resident at MRS has also helped produce a fantastic video as part of the  ‘it gets better’ initiative – helping young people who have faced discrimination because of their sexual identity, which you can watch below:

Support Services at Monash

Monash is a fantastic place to study and also a fantastic community to be part of. If you maybe haven’t yet thought about the brilliant services which are available to students, here are some starting points:

Counselling and Mental Health Services
Financial Assistance
Medical and Health Services
Disability  Services (for students with a long or short term disability)

Monash College and Monash Uni also have websites that will help you Adjust to University Life with links to all the Student Life and Support Services. It’s smart to check these sites.


Getting Involved and Helping Others (Become a Volunteer) volunteer2

 Why not take some time for your own growth – and also to help others! It is sometimes hard to get opportunities for leadership in your first year at University – but Monash has a focus on creating opportunities for all students in all stages of their degrees… introducing Volunteering at Monash

Volunteering at Monash is a brand-new website providing all Monash students with a fresh and easy way to access thousands of volunteering roles. You’ll have access to endless opportunities on the national volunteering database, and roles listed exclusively for Monash students to get involved on and off campus.

 So why volunteer?volunteer-connect

  • Connect with the people around you, make new friends, and understand other points of view
  • Create new skills: learn to communicate, lead, manage projects, and improve your employability
  • Change your community and make a real impact by contributing your enthusiasm and time to those who need it most

Using Volunteering at Monash is simple: just create your profile, tell us what you’re interested in, and you’ll receive personalised recommendations allowing you to get in touch with volunteering organisations – from home, uni, mobile and tablet.

Register now: