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Staying Safe

Staying safe when going out

Sometimes there is nothing better than having a night out with friends; however it is extremely important to stay safe. Maximising your safety is the way to go. There a number of ways to help increase your safety while out. If you are going out by yourself, make sure to let someone know where you are heading and an approximate time you will be home. This way if something has happened to you, someone will realise that you have not returned. [br] [br]

It is important to be aware of your surroundings and it can be helpful if you are familiar with the area. If you fear you are being followed, try and stay in well lit areas with lots of people around, or it could be a good idea to give the police a call.[br] [br]

Unless you are with a large group of people it is best to stay away from shortcuts. Shortcuts can be situated in deserted areas such as alleys, industrial areas and parklands It is better to take a little longer and walk along lit (and busier) roads, than to try and save time by walking where you may not be safe. When walking along streets, walk on the footpath in an opposite direction to the traffic as it removes the potential for cars to pull up behind you unexpectedly.[br] [br]

Public transport can be so convenient; however there are a number of things to watch out for, especially later at night. It is a good idea not to go out alone at night, as you will be less vulnerable when with others. It is a good idea to stay away from deserted bus stops especially late at night.[br] [br]

It can be a good idea to have someone you know pick you up from a stop or station if it is late at night. Another idea is to let others know where you are, either by phone or message. This way if you run into trouble someone will know where you are.[br] [br]

While on the bus, it is a good idea to sit near the driver, especially if you are out by yourself. While using trains it is also a good idea to hop on a carriage close to the driver’€™s compartment. If this isn’€™t possible, make sure to sit in a carriage that contains a number of people, as sitting alone in an empty carriage may make you more exposed.[br] [br]

When using a taxi, try to remember the taxi driver’s name and number. This will assist if you have problems or have lost property. If you are travelling by yourself it is best to sit on the backseat behind the driver. If you feel uncomfortable at any stage, ask to be let out in a well-lit area that contains plenty of people. You can always ask the driver to wait outside your destination until you have gotten inside.

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