Helping you navigate living off-campus in a new city


Settling in



Some important stuff you need to know…

It may be your first time sharing accommodation or renting but you have no idea what to expect. Here are some important questions to ask yourself.

• What are the house rules in this share house?
• Did you receive a Condition Report? This will help you get your bond back super easy.
• How are the bills paid and who is in charge of them?
• All communication with your landlord should be in writing even if your landlord lives with you. Is it? If it isn’t, start now as it’s not too late.
• Do you have your landlord’s contact details such as their email address and home address? If things go wrong, communication in writing will help you, we can’t stress that enough.
• Do you have a question? Simply go to and the right person at Monash will respond to your query. It’s that easy!

Living Skills

Sometimes when you move into a place it will be the first time you have had to cook, clean, grocery shop and in general look after yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask your landlord or housemates about how to do the simple things. Do you need to know where to shop? Simply check out renting tips and advice.

Feeling excited, lost, or overwhelmed?
Whenever anyone makes a big change in their lives, they can go through a number of different phases and moving to a new place on your own will involve some level of culture shock. Visit Culture Shock to see if you recognise any of the signs and what to do.


It is completely natural to miss the people and places back home, especially as your new home can be very different (as well as fun!). There are hints on how to cope with homesickness on the Culture Shock page.

Staying Safe

Your safety and security is important. Information about safety at Monash can be found on the Campus Watch page – with even more tips to keep you and your possessions safe.

Safer Community Unit

The Safer Community Unit provides support and advice to complex and sensitive safety situations.
Students and staff are encouraged to ask for help if they:
• feel attacked, harassed, intimidated, stalked, bullied or threatened
• have concerns about someone else’s behaviour or wellbeing
• have received unwanted attention
• are worried about someone harming themselves or someone else
• wish to clarify issues of responsibility, confidentiality or duty of care.

For more information go to Safety and Community .


Isn’t money great but difficult to manage sometimes? Living away from home can certainly be an expensive time. You could get a part time job to help with your finances – to find yourself a part time job check out your local shopping centre or head to one of the many online agencies, or better still use the Monash Career Gateway (which has many services to help you with current and future employment).

Monash University also has a centralised website for financial assistance for students (student loans, contact with Centrelink (Federal Government Income support), budgeting and managing your money). For more handy hints visit Monash Financial Assistance.


Getting around the campus is easy as you can walk or ride a bike (simple!), but sometimes you need to leave the safe embrace of the campus. Not everyone has a car. This means that we rely on friends (who have cars) or public transport to get around.
Visit the public transport page for helpful information. Monash students may be eligible for a card that entitles them to cheaper public transport. Check your eligibility for transport concessions. 

Also use the Public Transport Victoria Journey Planner to work out the best way to get from where you are, to where you want to be. A great idea if you are having a night out in the city is the Nightrider service (buses which run late at night and are much cheaper than a taxi).

For hints on public transport safety (and when going out in general) visit Staying Safe.