Helping you navigate living off-campus in a new city


Before you arrive


So you have received your Monash offer…..what next?

Moving out of home to travel to study can be a big transition. For many of you this is the first time away from home, in a new city, in a new state or even in a new country. So there is a lot to consider especially when searching for accommodation.

If this is your first time coming to Australia then there are some things you really need to know and organise. You are probably wondering; who will pick you up from the airport, what do you need to bring , what is it going to be like when you get there, who do you contact to find out about finding accommodation? Check out the links below.

Renting and living in a new city

When living in a new city, you may experience cultural adjustment. This is the anxiety felt when faced with living in a different place from where you grew up. Living in a new culture may bring stress because you are having trouble understanding the language or people’s accents. The climate and food may also be unfamiliar (even if you come from elsewhere in Australia). Find more information at Monash’s Life In Melbourne page (which is aimed at you – a new person to Melbourne). Don’t forget to watch Renting in Victoria.

A few key points to remember before you arrive.

• Don’t wait until the last minute to contact us or look at accommodation-related information. It may take between       10-14 days in some cases.
• Arrive a little early and book short term accommodation so you have time to look for off- campus accommodation before enrolment. The Monash Connect team is here to help with all general inquiries.
• Don’t book or pay for any place if you have not inspected it (or somebody else for you). It may not be what your wanted or it could be a scam (yes scams are very real).

You are not alone… so go to the MRS Off-campus Accommodation Services pages for more tips. app


Monash has developed an app which puts in the palm of your hand.

Features include:

  • information for you (including timetable information, principal dates, staff directory, unit guide and email)
  • campus maps
  • news
  • shuttle and security bus timetable.

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Don’t forget you are not alone… please check out renting tips and advice.