Helping you navigate living off-campus in a new city


Staying Rent-Smart


How to stay connected and have fun.   

Let us know how you are going. It can get hectic when you are finishing exams and assignments, and trying to move out at the same time. Take the time to understand your contract. You really don’t want to lose any money.

When do you have to give notice, and vacate?

Are there any lease break fees if you need to break your lease?

Do you need general cleaners and carpet cleaners?

Are you moving out for the summer? Where will you store all your belongings?

To stay connected throughout the year ask plenty of questions. It will make your off campus experience hassle-free!!! 

Getting Involved and Helping Others

Once you are feeling more settled, why not take some time for your own growth – and also to help others! MRS supports the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) – so find out more here.

There are also many other areas for you to get involved:
Non-Residential colleges
By joining a non-residential college, you’ll have access to a fun and supportive environment enhancing your student experience when you are living off campus.






Take advantage of non-residential colleges, clubs, societies…join the activities organized on your campus…get involved! That is how you will develop networks, grow your experiences and have fun!

Remember you are not alone!!!