Helping you navigate living off-campus in a new city




Welcome to Monash Residential Services (also known as MRS) which provides on campus accommodation and  off-campus accommodation services.                                                     Our Rent-Smart program is designed to do just that – help you with all your off campus accommodation queries.

Our service provides guidance, information, resources and advocacy to students and staff of Monash. We assist with accommodation-related matters prior to arrival and during the entire time at Monash.

Rent-Smart is a starting point – a resource which you can dip into at your leisure – connecting you with Monash and outside services as well as sharing the stories of some of our students’ experiences.

Rest assured you are not alone.

  • Getting Rent-Smart

    Congratulations on deciding to study at Monash. Whilst the thought of leaving home may be daunting, there is no need to be too worried. This place you have landed yourself in may be very unfamiliar, but an easy remedy for this unfamiliarity is to get yourself acquainted.  If you are new to the City - The Safer Community Unit has some tips on ensuring you stay safe (and help your friends stay safe)